Advent calendar for Christmas!

December 1st is here and we can finally display our Advent Calendars! You haven't bought or made your advent calendar for your children yet? Don't worry, Chateau de Sable made a special selection for you to help you to prepare an easy and fast advent calendar.


Are you ready?!

You need:

Kraft envelope - white paper placemats - white ink pen - numbers (print them here) - small clothes pegs - light garland and lots of small gifts as candies, stickers, toys and so on.

With your white ink pen, you can draw snowflakes, dot and personalize your draw with others colours, sparkles, masking tape and so on.


We recommend you other nice advents calendars easy and fast to do with your children:

Hope you'll enjoy this DIY for Christmas! Don't hesitate to show us pictures of your advent calendar on Instagram using #chateaudesablecalendar