Joshua 3 years old, our little ambassador.


Meet our Ambassador mom

Do you remember this handsome little boy? He has been selected as our little Chateau de Sable Ambassador for 2018. Don't remember this lovely face? No worries, just a little reminder here

This week, you'll discover the story of Joshua's mom with Château de Sable.

Belinda is a Singaporean woman and a full time working mother with two kids, Joshua who is 3 years old and Janice who is 7 months old. Her husband and her love to have quality bonding time with their kids by bringing them out for brunch on weekends and enjoying nature in the park.

Château de Sable Team: How did you discover Château de Sable?

Belinda: My friend Audrey, first introduced the brand to me when I was pregnant with Joshua. She raved about the quality and design of Château de Sable’s apparel. Being a first time mother then, I decided to go with her recommendation and have always been a happy and satisfied customer ever since!


Château de Sable Team: Can you tell us about your first purchase experience with us?

Belinda: My first purchase was made at Chateau de Sable, Vivocity. I remember stepping into the shop and thought to myself “Wow! They have exactly the kind of clothes I would like my little one to wear”. I love the clean, classic and innocent style of the apparel and had a hard time choosing the right piece to buy because I just love most of the designs displayed.

Château de Sable Team: What is you all-time favourite Château de Sable garment?

Belinda: My all-time favourite Chateau de Sable garment would be the shorts. I love how comfortable and versatile they are. The elastic band around the shorts allows for easy adjustment on a growing child. They are really the classic pieces that every little boy should have.

Château de Sable Team: Can you describe your role as a parent?

Belinda: My role as a parent is to do my best to nurture and provide them with an optimal environment to develop and grow to their fullest potential. We believe in love and respect for one another in the family.

Thanks again Belinda for your responses!