Make Your Own Chinese Lantern

Chinese New Year is coming in a week... Everything is ready? All decorations are set up? But something is missing… Put your personal touch and create your own Chinese lantern!

You will soon be able to decorate your house with these little red lanterns. We love them, don’t you? So now, let’s see how to do them… Don’t be afraid, it is simple!

  1. First step: the equipment

To make these lanterns you will need:

  • A pair a scissors

  • A pencil

  • A gold felt pen

  • A needle

  • Gold embroidery floss

  • Text weight paper in red

  • A piece of cartonboard

2. Second step: The tassel

  • Wrap a 5cm piece of cartonboard with the embroidery floss,

  • With loose ends, tie a double knot around one of the extremity,

  • Wrap second string 0.5mm from top of fold and tie a double knot. Wrap tightly around the bundle to create a thick band. Place the ends through center of band and down to join tassel ends.  For this step, you can help you with a needle,

  • Almost done, you only have to cut the other extremity to get your tassel! (don’t hesitate to cut loops at the bottom and trim evenly)

3. Third step: the lantern

Once the tassel is done, you can start to make your Chinese lantern. As images are sometimes better than long explanations, we let you see this short video.

4. Forth step: create your style ​

Decorate your lantern with your gold felt, make it personal: you can draw dogs, write Chinese wishes or anything else and… Tadaaa! Your Chinese lantern is made!

Don’t hesitate to send us picture of your Chinese New Year Lantern

and have a great Chinese New Year!