Happy Chinese New Year!

The dog year

First, let’s go back to the legend… Thousands of years ago, a prince called Siddhārtha Gautama wanted to set new time markers. Therefore, Buddha decided to organize a race between twelve animals. The ranking of those animals would be a new way of illustrate the cycle of the years.

According to the legend, the rat, the smarter one, arrived first, then the Buffalo, the tiger, the rabbit, the dragon, the horse, the goat, the monkey, the coq, the dog and at last, the pig, so greedy that he has eaten everything he could on his way. The main characteristics of each animal will forge their respective year.

2018 will be the dog year which would bring loyalty, tenderness, sincerity and that is all we wish you for this New Year!

So now, let’s get the celebration started!

Chinese New Year is coming soon. Let’s discover the traditions and beliefs around one of the main events of the year!

New Year, New Home

Few days before Chinese New Year, people do a big spring cleaning to remove all the old things and welcome the new with positivism. As cleaning is not enough to welcome this New Year, people also decorate their house with red decorations like Chinese banners with well wishes on it, lanterns etc.

Family first

The Chinese New Year is first of all a family celebration gathering all family members at least once a year. That’s why, the New Year eve, also known as The Reunion dinner is the most significant time during this celebration. Everyone will be spending this celebration with their family, eating more than usual on any other day, usually at home! The dishes are home-cooked and among them, we can usually find fish and dumplings which are symbols of prosperity. 

Long night and fireworks

The night before New Year day, some people visit temples waiting to be the first to put the joss stick to be lucky for the whole year. Moreover, family stays awake during the whole night and it is called “Shou Sui”.

But celebration is not the only reason for these traditions. It was also known to drive away the evil…

According to the legends, there was a mythical beast named the “Nian” (in English is ‘Year’) who came during the New Year night to threaten and hurt people, animals… But people discovered that the Nian was afraid of red color, fire and loud sounds. That is why in the olden days, people stay awake, make noise and launch fireworks during the whole night.

Red packets

For the Chinese New Year, adults give red envelopes with money to young children and people who are single. It was believed to protect the children from evil and keep them healthy. Usually, the amount of money end by the number 8 which pronunciation in Chinese sounds like the word “fortune” and it should bring wealth and happiness!

Share with us how you celebrate Chinese New Year in your family and your country.

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