Christmas all around the world!

Christmas is coming so soon... and we were curious to discover how Christmas is celebrated all around the world!

North America 

American people like to spend time in the kitchen with all the family to cook a delicious meal. The most important thing during Christmas time is the Christmas decorations. Every American family loves to decorate their entire house (outside and inside) with lights! Turkey is their main dish like Thanksgiving dinner and a lots of apple pies, pecan pies and so on. In Canada, the traditions are similar to France, America and Great Britain with a beautiful Christmas tree in each house, lights decorations and a delicious meal with some meat. Moreover, Canadians can enjoy winter activities during this festive season such as snowmobile, sled ride, snowshoes or Nordic spa.


In Australia, Christmas is during the summer holidays. Santa Claus wear sunglasses and swimsuit! Australians love to go to the beach for a barbecue with the family. During Christmas dinner in Australia and New Zealand, Australians wear the fashionable paper crown during Christmas dinner and they pop Christmas crackers containing small gifts or inspirational quotes.

South America

In Mexico, the tradition is totally different from the North Americans and the Europeans. Religion is very present with the whole focus on Jesus instead of Santa Claus. They are very religious and during 9 days, every Mexican family meets to reproduce the pilgrimage of Marie and Joseph from Nazareth to Bethlehem. This special event is called "Las Posadas". On December, 25th it's Jesus who brings the gifts to the kids. At the end of these 9 days  festive, kids destroy "piñatas" containing candies. Moreover, The Three Magi bring gifts to the kids on January, 6th as in Spain.


In Sweden and some parts of Italy celebrate St. Lucia on December, 13th. She is the one who brings the gifts to the children. But most of the time, European people celebrate Christmas on December 25th. In Sweden, every children believe in Santa Claus and they wrote letters to him for Christmas. The Swedish post organizes Santa's letters collection and writes an answer to each children to perpetuate the tradition. In France, every kids receive their gifts on December, 25th in the morning. The day before, they prepare a plate of cookies and a glass of milk for Santa so that it can regain strength to keep on with his gifts distribution around the world.


In Cameroon, Christmas isn't a traditional celebration even if, France influenced the country with this tradition (due to its colonial past). Most of the people there are religious and go to the church to sing religious songs. Then, all the women of the house cook the dinner for the entire family. Even if they don't celebrate Christmas, Africans people love to be reunited at this moment of the year with all the family and friends. 

We will be happy to read how you celebrate Christmas in your family or country. Don't hesitate to send us a message!