Create your flower crown for Spring! 

Sunlight, fresh air, and flowers... Spring is such a romantic season! The season of wedding and ceremonies, the perfect period to wear a beautiful flower crown to complete your look.  To have a unique and perfect flower crown what's better than do it yourself?

Let's try to make your own accessory for Spring !

1. Your equipment

- floral wire 

- floral tape 

- floral wire cutters 

- floral glue (optional) 

- greenery 

- flowers 

2. Let's do it

 1.Take a piece of floral wire and form it into a circular shape. Rest it atop your head to see how long you need the wire to be to form a loose crown around your head. 

2. Wrap your wire in floral tape. 

3. Take the flowers and cut all the stems to 2-3″ in length. 

4. Start your crown with a layer of pretty greenery that covers the wire, which will act as the base of your crown. Once you have your greenery, you’ll tape it to the crown with your floral tape. 

5. Start to attach flowers to the crown (you can cut off excess stems with scissors or wire cutters), and, using floral tape, tape the stem to the crown. You’ll want to wrap the tape around the stem about four to five times to make sure it stays. 

Tadaaa ! Your flower crown is ready, make it your own by choosing your favorite flowers, colors etc.

Let's spring start !

Hope you'll enjoy this DIY and don't hesitate to share with us a picture of your own flower crown !