Meet our United Arab Emirates franchisee

We work with many franchisees who allow Château de Sable to have a worldwide visibility. Today, we want to thank all our franchisees for their professionalism and their commitment to the brand.

We would like to introduce our franchisees in short interviews to highlight their stories and relationships with Château de Sable. 

Khadijah Lajam, franchisee in the UAE, is a woman who has been in Singapore many times for travel and business. She discovered the brand during her trips.  She has two boys of 9 and 7 years old. They enjoy the outdoors for swimming or fishing and football. She confesses that football is the favorite game among the "boys in her family".  

Château de Sable Team: How did you discover Château de Sable?

Khadijah Lajam: I know it from the malls in Singapore and Malaysia. Every time I pass a Château de Sable boutique, I was immediately attracted to the cozy boutique and beautiful items on store. Before having my own children, I always used to get friends and family gifts from there.  

Château de Sable Team: Why did you choose to distribute in your own country?

Khadijah Lajam: In 2008, I had my first child, Ali. I wanted to dress him up in nice things as he was my first child and I got carried away with my excitement. I bought a lot of very expensive and branded items and they were not practical and he quickly outgrew them. Also, many had complicated washing instructions and didn't last after the first or second time he wore it. I was really disappointed that price didn't equate to quality. I also found it hard to find clothing items that were classic and not too "stylish" in the sense that the babies lose their innocent looks.

That year, I visited Singapore and as a ritual, I went to Chateau de Sable and bought a lot for Ali. We went back home to the UAE and everyone used to compliment how chic he looked and a lot were asking me where I purchased his clothes. We also washed his clothes with no issues what so ever with the clothes looking brand new even after washes. The price point was also very good and at that point it clicked that I found a very chic brand that offered parents practicality and look without burning a hole in our pockets. It was then I decided this brand should be shared with the UAE.


Château de Sable Team: What is you all-time favourite Château de Sable garment?

Khadijah Lajam: I have an emotional attachment to the baby boy one piece romper. It was the first piece of clothing I had purchased for Ali from Chateau de Sable and I loved how smart he looked with the collar and buttons. It also didn't take away from his cuteness! I still love his pictures in the romper until now.

Château de Sable Team: Can you describe your role as a parent?

Khadijah Lajam: I am a young mother and I believe that parenting should be fun. I also think the fundamental rule should be to lead by example and I always keep that in mind when I am with the children. As a mother, I try to guide them but also be someone they can confide in. I am actively part of their lives and I try to involve myself in everything they do including joining them for a game of football! That said, I am also firm when it comes to bad habits and I can definitely say I'm not a fan of too much access to technology at their young ages!

Thanks again Khadijah Lajam for your responses!

If you are going to the UAE, don't hesitate to say hello to Khadijah.

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Stephanie Lemaire and Khadijah Lajam in Château de Sable's showroom.