The 'Goûter'

Your children love its 'snacks time' or its birthday is coming soon? You don't have any ideas to how surprise him/her? Don't worry at Chateau de Sable, we are very greedy, we select for you a yummy and original dessert to prepare for your loves one for 'goûter*' time.

The Rainbow Crepes Cake

You need

4 eggs - vanilla sugar - food coloring - 300gr of flour - 1 liter of milk - 25gr of butter - 150gr of mascarpone - 100gr of caster sugar - 300gr of very cold liquid cool cream - 

Easy to make

1.Mix the flour, milk, eggs and a spoon of melted butter to make the crepe batter.

2. Divide your crepe batter in 6 bowls and put few drops of food coloring in order to have different colour in each bowl.

3. Cook the crepes (you need 4 crepes of each colours).

4. Mix with an electric mixer the mascarpone, liquid cool cream, sugar and vanilla sugar into a very cold salad bowl to make whipped cream.

5. For cake mounting, put 3 crepes of the same colours and then some cream. Repeat the action with the others crepes.

7. Put some caster sugar and fruit for the cake decoration.

* The 'goûter' is a french term designating a little snack taking between lunch and dinner.