Love you Daddy...

As being a parent is not easy every day, it's important to take the best of every family time and enjoy every moment with your loved ones. Sometimes, little bits of attention can make this a day to remember ...

As father's day is approaching, we wanted to share with you what makes a perfect morning for the whole family! 

8:30 am : a gentle wake up or almost....

The sun has risen, a door is opening, little foot steps are approaching the bed almost running... and there we are! All the kids are invading the bed, almost jumping on us... "Happy father's Day Daddy!!", they all sing. 

Once we are completely woken up, the excitation goes down. The whispering replace shouting and the hugs replace the jumps... Some tenderness in this happy messy wake-up! Is there any better way to start the day? 

While everybody is calm and quiet, a complicit smile appears in their faces..."Come with us mommy, dad you can sleep a little bit longer!"

9:30 am : time to act!

Everybody is in the kitchen, there's no time to waste! Bread is in the toaster, coffee is warming, kids are preparing the tray. Ding! Toasts are ready! While mummy's serving the coffee, the little ones are trying to spread the marmalade with a heart shape... A fail? Not at all, "it is art"!

Everything seems ready, the little tribe returns to the bedroom to see their dad almost asleep... tadaaaa! The family breakfast in bed can start! Kids are staring at their dad, we finally share everything. The coffee and orange juice threaten to tip over at any time... That's our family time !

10:30 am : a new decoration for the living room


When there's nothing left to eat, they all look at each other and run away from the bed... Is it where your love for your father end? 

For sure not, they re-enter slowly in the bedroom, with a little smile on their face. One of them is hiding something behind his back, trying to be as discreet as he can... we barely see anything! After a few seconds of suspense he gives a gift wrapped into newsprint a bit stressed and excited...

Their dad smile and discover a "beautiful piece of art" that will be exposed for the next years in our living room!

Everyone is reassured, this day will be a good one!

10:40am : declaration of love

While we thought the surprise was over, one of them says "we wanted to tell you something...". Standing aligned, everyone recites the poem with a serious tone :


I have made my prints of my little feet

So you can remember when I was so small and sweet.

I will grow as the years go past

But my love for you will always last.

... We love you too mommy"

As we said, little bits of attention can make this a day to remember... 

And you, how would you describe the perfect father's day?