Our new ambassadors for 2018!

For our 15th anniversary, we organized a contest on Instagram in order to find our two cute ambassadors for Summer 2018.

Thanks to the hashtags #ChateauAmbassadors and #CDS15, many people shared and posted on Instagram, pictures of their kids wearing their favourites Château de Sable outfit.

Instagram pictures
Instagram pictures


Our goal was to find two kids, a boy and a girl, to make a little cute couple and representing Château de Sable brand.


The conditions of this contest were: post a picture before Monday 12th December 10 AM. Participants were required to wear Château de Sable outfit and aged between 18 months and 10 years old. The contest was open to people living in Singapore only as the photoshoot took place in Singapore.


The kids had the opportunity to participate in the next brand photoshoot with a professional and were lucky to leave with an outfit worn during the photoshoot. 

Château de Sable jury deliberated during the photoshoot and selected the new Ambassadors!

For us, it was really hard to choose our ambassadors among all these cute and trendy kids!

We finally made a choice and we decided to select these two beautiful children:

Meet Joshua 3 years old and Wenya 4 years old. Aren't they cute?!

Little boy wearing Chateau de Sable outfit
Kids wearing Chateau de Sable outfit
Kids wearing Chateau de Sable outfit
Little girl wearing Chateau de Sable outfit

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