Our fine fabrics selection

For your little ones, we commit to design healthy and comfy garments inspired by the belief that “children should look like children”.

We select with great attention the best fabrics for our clothes as your baby's sensitive skin always comes first. We don't hesitate to blend the fabrics to get all their benefits and propose the best for your children.

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Blending benefits of both fabrics in one: soft touch. Fine, strong, silky texture, to feel comfortable. Hold upwell while time past.

Benefits for your kids

The combination of these two fabrics allows the garments to be softer and warmer. The cotton will help to reduce the sharp spurs and makes the skin breathe whereas the cashmere will provide the softness and warmth. 


Easy to wear and comfortable even in warm temperature. Linen fabric will absorb perspiration from the skin. Structurally sound fiber so products keep their shape while wearing them.

Benefits for your kids

These two fabrics allow the garments to be more resistant and comfortable. Your kids will be able to play freely with our clothes thanks to a very resistant linen fiber that doesn't tear.


Down coats with ultimate comfort and protection up to -10C. High-quality product with detailed finishing on lining, cuffs and zip.

Benefits for your kids

Real down and feathers padding help to keep the heat inside the coat while being really lightweight. Perfect for cold and humid weather. 


Liberty prints comes from the famous fashion house Liberty from the UK. Their flowers patterns printed on 100% cotton are their worldwide hallmark. The prints for Chateau de Sable are exclusively chosen by our designers to found the perfect match between flowers, colors and designs. 


Soft and silky touch, natural bamboo has also hypoallergenic properties and does not irritate the skin. Thermo regulating and UV protective it will keep your little ones happy.

Benefits for you kids 

Natural bamboo has cooling property, keeping the skin dry during hot weather, and has no sharp spurs, protecting baby skin. The production of bamboo garments uses less water than cotton-made garments which benefit to the ecological effort for environment.

Cotton and cashmere mix
Cotton and linen mix
Authentic down and feathers
Liberty design

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