Our heritage

The Beginning

Château de Sable story began in 2001 when Stéphanie Lemaire, an experimented French designer, decided to launch her own children clothing line in Singapore.


She had worked in the past for famous French children brand and was ready to start her own.

Why "Château de Sable" ?

“Château de Sable” is the French translation for sandcastle, the preferred activity of children along the beaches. 


Château de Sable is about children and their world full of joy and innocence. The brand name represents their universe and gives an image of children at play.

The French Touch

Our designs are driven and inspired by the belief that “children should look like children”. The innocence and the vitality of children at play is our inspiration and we are committed to design healthy and comfy garments.

The best fabrics are rigorously selected for their benefits on the children’s sensitive skin. No compromise is made in terms of quality and all our garments are made with fine fabrics and detailed finishing.


The brand has grown consequently in Asia from the start. Château de Sable has now 27 stores in 12 countries.

Our primary objective is to establish
Château de Sable as a leading brand in authentic children clothing.

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Stephanie Lemaire & kids
Girls walking on the beach and holding balloons
Striped dress and hair accessories
Castle made with piece of wood at the beach