Meet one of our long-time supporter of Château de Sable 

Our customers are very important to us because they make live our brand! Today, we want to thank all our customers for their loyal support about our brand and our products.

For this, we would like to introduce our long-time supporter customers in a short interview to highlight their stories and relationships with Château de Sable. 

Rachel Xie, long-time customer since October 2015, is a Chinese women born in Shanghai. She has worked in the textile industry over 10 years. She recently moved to Singapore for her career. She is an active mum of a 3 year-old girl and married to a designer. 

Château de Sable Team: How did you discover Château de Sable?

Rachel Xie: I was shopping at Vivo City three years ago, when I noticed there is a store named Château de Sable

Château de Sable Team: Can you tell about your first experience with us?

Rachel Xie: Actually, the first time I didn't find anything in the store, maybe because I was in a bit of a hurry. After I got pregnant, I started to prepare the baby arrival and spent more time shopping for baby products. I realized there were a few choices of baby clothing in Singapore with good quality and nice designs. I don't remember my first piece ever bought from Château de Sable but I would recommend it to any mothers who loves fine details and quality workmanship. 


Château de Sable Team: What is you all time favourite Château de Sable garment?

Rachel Xie: Signature dress for sure like the Ballerina dress. The Liberty Collection is also one of my favourite but it depend on your budget. I also like traditional baby items like rompers or sets that I always recommended to my friends with little ones.

Château de Sable Team: What is the last purchase that you made at Château de Sable?

Rachel Xie: It was a girl dress of the latest collection called Pulse. I love the butterfly sleeve!


Château de Sable Team: Can you describe your role as a parent?

Rachel Xie: As a mom of 3-years, I will send my daughter to childcare in the morning. After work, I go home in the evening and we have dinner together. I love spending time with her before she goes to sleep: playing games, learning letters and telling stories. On weekends, we also do some outdoor activities in the garden or at the beach. I want to spend most of my time with my daughter, that's why I shop exclusively online. 

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Thanks again Rachel Xie for your responses and the lovely picture of your daughter!

We hope that you will love the new Winter Collection 17!