Stéphanie Lemaire

Meet the Designer behind Château de Sable

Mum-of-three, Stéphanie Lemaire is a traditionalist at heart. She believes that children should look like children and not mini-adults. Since 2001 she has been devoted to build a brand that reflects simplicity and innocence. In this way, Château de Sable acts as a companion for the children from early age to teenage, letting them grow at their own tempo.

Stéphanie Lemaire is a fashion designer by nature. Daughter and granddaughter of garment manufacturers she has always been surrounded by fabrics from her early years. Thanks to her over 12 years of experience on children and women's wear brand in France, Stéphanie Lemaire has found a real passion for creating children's clothes : the diversity of designs, details, finishing, fabrics and ornaments make original looks for our little ones.


Well-balanced between family and work


Most of all, she loves to design dresses. They are so simple, yet with a few clever changes, you can transform the entire look. Dresses are very practical for little girls and are wonderful garments to experiment with in terms of creativity.

Her main project is to make Château de Sable a global brand and reference for children's wear. To reach this goal she can rely on her lovely family and supportive team.