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Dear followers,

Welcome to the new official blog of Château de sable !


Over the years, we have effortlessly blend the elegance and chicness of French fashion with the comfort and high-quality fabrics to provide the very best for kids’ fashion and dress children like children.

Your little ones literally grow up in the Château de Sable collection while exploring their world in an active and hands-on way in our long-lasting and resilient clothes. 

We have created a story between your children and us. Now it is time we address all of you parents and let you discover the little working hands behind the brand. We will share with you all there is to know about Château de sable :  collections, openings, photoshoots and our team.

We are very excited to start this new adventure !

Let us take you in our universe made of passion, elegance and creativity !

Château de sable Team

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